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Hotel Fonte Santa Termas de Monfortinho

This Hotel, apart from being located in an excellent location for relaxation and leisure, has in its proximity a Spa.

The famous Termas de Monfortinho have existed since Roman civilisation in virtue of the quality and purity of the fountains of the Serra de Penha Garcia.

Local legends grant the water a reputation of a “power to heal”, which has lasted until now. From their perspective, scientists have attributed to the water therapeutic qualities for dermatological diseases, for disorders of the digestive system, of the circulatory system and of the respiratory and psychosomatic systems.

The water of the Fonte Santa de Monfortinho is hypo mineralized, bio carbonated, has sodium levels above 200 mg/l, has calcium levels above 150 mg/l and magnesium levels above 50 mg/l, having one of the highest silica contents of all spa water in Portugal.



Termas de Monfortinho
6060-072 Monfortinho 

Telefone: +351 277 430 300
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  Alentejo Marmóris Hotel


180 km east of Lisbon, in the heart of the Alentejo region, the Marmòris Hotel & Spa is located in the historic  town of Vila Viçosa. This hotel presents itself as among the most luxurious of Portugal's new hotels. It is exclusive and distinctive.
It is a unique hotel in the world, a true museum to marble. It is owned by a family that has been working in that industry for several generations.  Located in Vila Viçosa, a historic Alentejo town that is one of the world centres of the marble industry, the hotel is housed in an old wine pressing building.
The hotel was designed by the architect João Paulo and decorated by the architect Miguel Câncio Martins (Buddha Bar, Pacha Marrakech among others). It offers an environment of great comfort and peacefulness, genuine hospitality and a range of services designed to provide memorable experiences.
It is the ideal place for a few days spent with the family or to be your "home" during a visit to this beautiful region of Portugal.

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C Consulting

C Consulting
An associate company of Aromas do Valado in areas of accounting, financial advising and banking promotion.

C Consulting also provides services in developing and follow-up of projects and investments, with the respective financial advice when necessary.

Rua Eng.º Pires Marques, Lote 42 - N.º2 - Loja2

6000-406 Castelo Branco
Telefone e Fax 272 331 042

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What is the best way to start to consume responsibly?
There are many ways to do this, but at Ecoenví we believe that the best way of all is by knowing well those who produce and knowing how and why they do it.  Thus, proving its respect for the environment and how the products are produced it is easy to understand why these products are different in quality in relation to most of the products we consume today.
We are certain that to enjoy these shopping experiences there is no need to go to Bangladesh to guarantee fair trade, because we have an exceptional world to discover right on our own doorstep.
Through Ecoenví we want to collaborate in building and growing a great community. Aware of this reality we support a different way of understanding people, their context and the world we live in.
Get involved and accompany us on this journey of no return.



Quero-te Bio

Quero-te Bio results from our quest for a healthy, ecological and sustainable lifestyle. Food takes a special place in this search and change in our lives: the old expression "we are what we eat" shows that  the transformation must always start from the inside out.

Today, fortunately, the supply of organic and biodynamic agricultural products is much more extensive and one of our goals is to provide this healthier and more environmentally friendly option to the customer.

Quero-te Bio is not just an online store of organic food products. It also sells natural cosmetics and eco-friendly utensils. The site also intends to be a space for exchanging experiences in this search that is not always easy: join us, check out our suggestions, articles, recipes and, in particular, share your experiences and knowledge with us. At Quero-te Bio we are all teachers as well as learners.

Organic regards,

Maria João Seixas


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