educational visits

M-visitas pedagógicas-EN


At the Aromas do Valado farm there are different species of aromatic and medicinal plants (above all indigenous plants), which appeal to our senses and bring us back to ancient knowledge.

The uses for these plants are vast and diverse: used in cookery, in the processing of raw materials for cosmetics, perfumes, the pharmaceutical industry, etc., they aromatize each area they are used in.

The route of the educational visits to the farm includes a guided tour of the main garden and the agro industrial pavilion with the technicians responsible for each area of the company. During the tour, participants are given information on the uses of the plants in the manufacturing process of our products.

All the tours include a snack and a gift product for each of the participants.

The tour group of the educational visits should comprise a minimum of 10 participants and 20 maximum.
The tours should be booked 7 days in advance.

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